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Since Diane has been guiding me, my life is more peaeful, her wonderful talent to help people find the positive has saved my life and I'm sure many of those she has come in contact with.  Thank you so much for saving me from my own destruction...

Sincerely, Barbara


Diane, I want to thank you for making my life so much better.  Our TAT sessions have brought many things to surface for me.  One simple sessions can make me have a better day.

Grateful, Barbara


I suffer from fibromyalgia and find the body wraps bring me much relief from the pain, and leave me feeling comfortable and rejuvenated.  My skin feells soft and of course I lose inches.

Very grateful, Barbara


I can't say enough about TAT and Diane Milone. TAT is a wonderful healing modality that helped to clean out some financial challenges I was facing.  Diane is a wonderful healer, warm, loving, kind, just what you would expect from a healer.  Thank you Diane for helping me to feel relaxed and safe

Barbara M.  White Plains, N.Y


During my TAT session with Diane, I was able to clear two unrelated subjects because they were on the same low vibrational frequency.  I tried TAT with the intention of clearing the fear of moving forward with my business.  During the session another issue came up.  Although totally unrelated to the original subject, it was vibrationally on the same low energy frequency.  Things hadn't worked out with a guy I had dated and that had me down, similaar to how I felt regarding my business.  I was surprised to find that is one TAT session helped me clear the blocks regarding the guy as well as the issues around my business!  I am now taking the first steps to market myself with a blog and it's all happening RESISTANCE FREE!




I am a Registered Nurse and Holistic Educator and recently referred a few of my clients that were experiencing stress related illnesses and were looking to clear  trauma associated with their particular incidents.

Diane Milone facilitated the workshop.

One of the ladies in this group has been suffering with Severe Fibromyalgia for many years and has been receiving disability as it has prevented her from functioning normally.   Half way into the session Diane asked how we felt... Jane stated her pain levels went from over a 10 down to a 6.  By the end of the session, Jane’s pain levels were down to a  2 but the best part was that she stated for the first time in years she was easily able to get out of the chair that she had been sitting in for over an hour without assistance.  She was astonished at not only the relief she felt but also for the mental clarity she experienced.  It was wonderful for us to see Jane smile again.

I highly recommend TAT. I also recommend using a facilitator for the initial sessions as it does work much better when an experienced facilitator like Diane conducts the sessions.

Phyllis, Registered Nurse 


Days after my first bars session, I am still assimilating the experience!  There was alot of energy swirling around my body and the session left me feeling much lighter.  We also cleared a couple of longstanding issues that came up. Diane is a very giving, passionate facilitator.  Plus, you're encouraged to eat salt and sugar after a session!.. How does it get any better than that?


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